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Get all your Airtable data into Webflow CMS with a few clicks, and keep them in sync automatically.

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Automatically set Reference & Multi-Reference fields

Avoid the hassle of manual data entry. PowerImporter will set your reference fields for you, based on the links you've defined in your Airtable base.

Transfer all images and attachments

No webhooks or tedious API calls to manage. Simply map your Airtable image field and PowerImporter will transfer them into your Image, Multi-Image, or File field.

"It just works!"

Convert your Airtable rich-text fields

Automatically turn your Airtable rich-text fields into 100% compatible Webflow HTML fields.

Generate Video previews for YouTube links

Whenever PowerImporter detects an Airtable field with a YouTube link, it generates the embed code for you in Webflow as if you had manually entered it into the editor.

No custom JS code required!

Add, Update, Delete... automatically

Use Airtable as your main database, and PowerImporter will detect any changes and update your Webflow CMS accordingly to keep it an identical mirror image.

Our customers save days of frustrations

You saved our bacon! It would have taken our team longer to code such import via the API manually, and doing it via Zapier or Integromat is surprisingly still long and prone to errors.


It’s literally something I’ve been dreaming of. The speed and fluidity of AirTable to bypass the slowness of Webflow? Yes, please. This is going to save me so much time going forward.


Simple predictable pricing

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Scheduled automation



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