Happier Airtable to Webflow integration

Seamlessly keep your Webflow CMS Items in sync with your Airtable base, with our ready-to-run workflow, crafted by no-code experts.

Introducing the WAP no-code stack

Beautiful Webflow frontend ➕ powerful Airtable backend ➕ magical syncing by PowerImporter!

Every gotcha has been solved

Detects any modification in Airtable
Map Reference/multi-reference fields
Upload Image/File fields
Generate embed code for Video fields
Map Option fields
... and all the gotchas you didn't know about!

You can finally get back to building your site

Simple predictable pricing

Flat fee per Webflow site. No zaps to count or bandwidth to estimate.



Publish to webflow.io

50 CMS items

No credit-card needed


Custom domain

10,000 CMS items

Email support

Unlimited workflows

Scheduled automation



Manage multiple Business accounts with volume discount pricing.