Easily sync Airtable to Webflow
with PowerImporter

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Update your Webflow CMS automatically when something changes in your Airtable data

  • Set up Auto-sync in PowerImporter and your Webflow CMS site will automatically reflect the latest changes in Airtable.
  • With Auto-sync by PowerImporter, your Webflow CMS site is always up-to-date.
  • Set up Auto-sync once in PowerImporter, then forget about it!

Simply map your fields once and hit "SYNC" - that's it!

PowerImporter will handle all field types for you, even the complex ones

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Map your fields once

Once you have connected Airtable and Webflow, PowerImporter will automatically pull all your Airtable fields and Webflow collection items.

Simply select the Airtable fields you want to sync with your Webflow collection fields.

It just works.

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Automatically set Reference & Multi-Reference fields

These all-important reference and multi-reference fields can be a massive headache with Zapier and Make.

PowerImporter will set your reference fields for you, based on the links you've defined in your Airtable base.

It just works.

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Transfer all images and attachments

No webhooks or tedious API calls to manage. Simply map your Airtable image field and PowerImporter will transfer them into your Image, Multi-Image, or File field.

It just works.

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Convert your Airtable rich-text fields

Automatically turn your Airtable rich-text fields into 100% compatible Webflow HTML fields.

No more headaches with rich-text fields. It just works.

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Generate Video previews for YouTube links

Whenever PowerImporter detects an Airtable field with a YouTube link, it generates the embed code for you in Webflow as if you had manually entered it into the editor.

No custom JS code required! It just works.

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Add, update, delete... automatically with Auto-sync

Use Airtable as your main database, and PowerImporter will detect any changes and update your Webflow CMS automatically to keep it an identical mirror image.

Set up Auto-sync, and forget about it. It just works.

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Ready to experience effortless data synchronization between your Airtable base and your Webflow CMS?