Using Airtable as your backend? Try our latest feature: Airtable to Webflow sync.

All the features you wanted from Webflow's CMS Import

Map reference and multi-reference fields, upload images, update collection items... all without Zapier, Integromat, or 17 other integrations.

All by uploading simple CSV files.

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Supports 3 Import Modes

Endless possibilities are possible with these 3 different modes.

Add New Items

Each row in your CSV file becomes a new Collection Item. Great for adding blog posts or new images to a gallery.

Update Existing Items

Include an ID field in your CSV file and those items will be updated instead of added as duplicates, e.g. item id, slug, internal id, etc. Great for updating job listings, author bios, etc.

Replace All Items

Empties a Collection and creates a new Item for each row in your CSV file. Great for importing trending topics, Google Analytics most visited pages, etc.

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