How to migrate your WordPress blog to Webflow with PowerImporter
in 3 steps

Step 1: Prepare your data in WordPress
  • Download the recommended free plugin in WordPress.
  • Export your Posts data in a few clicks.
Time required: 10 minutes
A screenshot showing how to select all files in the export plugin for the Wordpress to Webflow data migration in PowerImporter
A screenshot of a PowerImporter sync showing mapped Airtable fields with Webflow fields

Step 2: Create your migration in PowerImporter

  • Connect your Webflow CMS site in your PowerImporter account.
  • Upload your XML file.
  • PowerImporter wil automatically pull in your WordPress data, and your Webflow collection fields.
  • Map your WordPress fields to your Webflow collection fields.
Time required: 5 minutes

Step 3: Run your migration in PowerImporter and see the result!

Ready to migrate?
  • You can run a test sync to review whether it works as expected, without amending your Webflow site.
  • You can also run your sync immediately.
  • PowerImporter will give you a time estimate for the migration to complete.
Time required for importing to Webflow: between a few minutes for a few blog posts, and a few hours* if you have thousands of blog posts.

*Timing is dictated by the Webflow API limitations.
A Wordpress logo leading to a Webflow logo with a sync arrow
powerimporter icon large size

Ready to experience effortless migrations between Wordpress and Webflow CMS?


Which content can I migrate with PowerImporter?

PowerImporter enables you to migrate Wordpress posts and their standard fields content to Webflow:
- Post title
- Post content
- Featured image
- Author
- Published date
- Categories
- Tags
- Slug

Must I convert my HTML first?

No, any HTML can be moved over as-is.  Whether you used Elementor, the block editor, or wrote the HTML by hand; PowerImporter can transfer it to Webflow's rich text field.

Does it also migrate static pages?

No, we wish!  Static pages can't be created with the Webflow API.

Does it migrate themes and custom site designs?

No.  Migrating themes and custom designs is the job of a Webflow designer/developer.  It's not possible to do it automatically via the Webflow API.

Can I migrate Webflow to Wordpress?

No.  This importer is only for migrating from Wordpress to Webflow.  For the other direction, you might want to check out Udesly.

Does it also import Woocommerce products?

Not yet, but we are working on it. Reach out by email and we will notify you when it's supported.

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