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You saved our bacon! It would have taken our team longer to code such import via the API manually, and doing it via Zapier or Integromat is surprisingly still long and prone to errors.
- Chris
It’s literally something I’ve been dreaming of. The speed and fluidity of AirTable to bypass the slowness of Webflow? Yes, please. This is going to save me so much time going forward.
- Stetson
We are building a new website in Webflow and were planning to use Zapier to integrate with our Airtable bases. However, in searching for a solution that converts Markdown to HTML - which Zapier doesn't - I kept coming across recommendations for PowerImporter. After trying it out I was sold - it's so easy and straightforward to implement and maintain!
- Anna
I was previously using Zapier to *try* to sync live CMS items from Airtable to Webflow and it was a total disaster. I found out about PowerImporter and didn't believe it'd be this easy. Once I got it integrated, it was like magic. Everything just worked!
Customer support has been great as well which has been a nice added bonus.
- Wesley
Amazing product, works like a dream, solid, never fails. Very impressive piece of work that I couldn't live without! Support rapid, same if not next day. Super happy.
- Chris
PowerImporter is super easy to use, I don't where we'd be without it. It makes syncing Airtable to Webflow very straightforward. I'd highly recommend it to others.
- Alex

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