How to manage your PowerImporter account and plan

We hope you are enjoying using PowerImporter! Whether you are just getting started, or want to learn more about using PowerImporter, you will find below some tips and tricks to make the most of PowerImporter.

How do I choose the right PowerImporter plan for me?

PowerImporter offers a range of subscription plans tailored to the scale of your Webflow integration needs.
When deciding on the right plan, consider the following:
One Subscription Per Website: Each Webflow website you wish to sync with requires a separate PowerImporter subscription.
CMS Item Volume: Select a plan based on the number of CMS items you intend to synchronize with Webflow, not the total number of records in your Airtable base.
For example: if you have a total of 500 records in Airtable but are syncing only 100 to Webflow for Website A, a Starter plan would suffice for that website.
Carefully assess your CMS item requirements per website to ensure you choose the most cost-effective plan that meets your needs. You can downgrade and upgrade anytime in your PowerImporter account.

Understanding the CMS-Item limit in PowerImporter plans

PowerImporter's CMS-item limit refers to the maximum number of unique records that can be actively managed and synced to your Webflow site within your current plan. This is a cumulative total, not a monthly allowance, meaning you can have up to 500 records in total at any given time for the Start Plan, 2,000 for the Growth Plan, and 10,000 for the Premium Plan.
Managing Your CMS-Item Limit:
1. Continuous Syncs: You are free to modify and sync the records contained within this limit as many times as needed. The frequency of updates does not affect the limit.
2. Strategic Planning: To stay within this limit, plan your Airtable base structure and Webflow CMS collections carefully. Prioritize and maintain only essential records.
3. Regular Reviews: Regularly review your synced items to ensure that you are not exceeding the limit. Archive or delete records in Airtable that are no longer needed.
What If You Exceed the Limit?Limit Exceeded Notification:
If you exceed you CMS item limit, PowerImporter will notify you with a warning message, and additional records beyond the limit will not be synced.
To manage more items, consider upgrading to a higher plan with a larger item limit. This can be done directly through your PowerImporter account settings.
Need Help or Want to Upgrade? For assistance with optimizing your record management or if you're considering an upgrade and need advice, our customer support team is here to help.

How to change your account email in PowerImporter

Changing your email address is simple and secure. Just follow the steps below:
1. Access Account Settings:- Go to the ‘Account’ page within your PowerImporter dashboard.
2. Request Email Change:- Enter your new email address.- A confirmation link will be sent to the new email address to verify the change.
3. Confirm Your New Email:- Check your inbox for the confirmation email.- Click on the link provided to confirm the change. That's it!
What Happens Next?

Once confirmed, you'll be able to log in to PowerImporter with your new email address.
Password Reset: You can also use your new email to reset your password if needed.
Don't Forget to Update Your Billing Email in Stripe:
Your billing email is managed separately through our payment processor, Stripe. Go to the ‘Subscription’ page in your PowerImporter account and click on "Manage Subscriptions." to access the Stripe billing portal.
Scroll down and find "Billing information > Update information" under the Billing section to change your billing email. Don't forget to save!

How to cancel your Powerimporter account

Cancelling your account with PowerImporter is easy.
First you will need to know whether you are on a free plan or on a paid plan. You can check if you have a subscription by going to your subscriptions page here.
Once you know which situation you are in, follow the guide below.

For Users on a Free Plan (no subscriptions):

1. Access Your Account:
Go to your PowerImporter Account Settings.
2. Delete Your Account:
Click on the "Delete my account" button. This action will lead to the permanent deletion of your account and all associated data.
3. Confirm Deletion:
You will be prompted to confirm your decision. If you're sure, proceed with confirming the deletion. Please note this will delete all data and syncs you had set up in PowerImporter. They cannot be retrieved after the deletion.

Please note that if you previously held a PowerImporter subscription, and then cancelled it, you will need to follow the process below for users with a paid plan.

For Users on a Paid Plan (1 subscription or more):

1. Cancel your subscription(s):
First you will need to cancel all your PowerImporter subscriptions by going to your subscriptions dashboard here
> Manage subscriptions > Cancel plan.
2. Contact Customer Service:
Once you have cancelled your subscriptions, send an email to expressing your wish to cancel your account. Include the email address associated with your account so our team can identify your account as quickly as possible.
3. Account Deletion:
After checking that all your subscriptions are cancelled, the customer service team will proceed with the deletion of your PowerImporter account. Please note this will delete all data and syncs you had set up in PowerImporter. It cannot be retrieved after the deletion.
4. Confirmation:
You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been successfully deleted.

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