How to sync CSV with your Webflow CMS using PowerImporter
in 3 steps

Step 1: Connect Webflow in PowerImporter
  • Connect your Webflow CMS site in your PowerImporter account.
  • Choose the Webflow CMS collection you want to update.
  • Upload your CSV file
Time required: 2 minutes
A screenshot of PowerImporter when uploading a CSV file
A screenshot if fields being mapped between CSV and Webflow in PowerImporter

Step 2: Map your CSV columns to Webflow collection fields

  • PowerImporter will automatically pull in your CSV columns and Webflow collection fields.
  • Map your CSV columns to the Webflow fields.
      Time required: 2 minutes

      Step 3: Run your sync in PowerImporter and see the result!

      Ready to sync?
      • You can run a test sync to review whether it works as expected, without amending your Webflow site.
      • You can also run your sync immediately.
        Time required for importing into Webflow: ususally a few minutes. The time is dictated by the Webflow API rate limit.
        A CSV logo leading to a Webflow logo with a sync arrow
        powerimporter icon large size

        Ready to experience effortless data updates between CSV and your Webflow CMS?