Where to Find Free Webflow Templates

Discover where to find free Webflow templates and some of our favorite options to help you get started on the right path.

Webflow makes it easy to design websites from scratch, but sometimes it helps to jumpstart the process with inspiration. Fortunately, Webflow templates, or cloneables, provide a done-for-you design that you can use to build your website or as inspiration. And there are many free Webflow templates to help you get started.

Let's look at where you can find free Webflow templates and some of the best options to help you get started on the right path.

How Webflow Templates Work

Many web designers and developers are familiar with themes and templates. Themes apply a new design to existing content and data, such as toggling different WordPress themes. On the other hand, templates can also provide a blank slate to add new content, migrate existing data, or modify to suit your requirements.

Webflow offers two mechanisms for accessing these designs:

  • Templates: Webflow provides both premium and free templates, although third-party developers cannot share free templates. They include a license, customer support, and an FAQ section, making them well-suited for businesses.

  • Cloneables: Webflow enables anyone to share free cloneable websites on their public profiles. While there is a description and comment area where you can find more information, there is typically limited support and no quality guarantee.

Note: Webflow allows third-party developers to submit premium templates to their marketplace (e.g., not all templates were designed by Webflow designers and developers). Third-party developers receive 60% to 80% commission on their designs, depending on how many new templates they submit to the marketplace per month.

In the case of both templates and cloneables, you may need to upgrade to a CMS or Business plan to take advantage of any CMS features or increase your page limits. In particular, those using Webflow’s free plans may need to delete template pages until the total page count is less than two pages before the website can go live. 

Also, note that Webflow's free community cloneables may not adhere to premium templates' quality standards or support. For example, designers of free templates don't necessarily need to follow best practices, nor do they typically provide customer support. As a result, you should carefully consider if a premium template might be a better fit.

Where to Find Free Webflow Templates

Webflow's Template Marketplace is the most obvious place to find free templates. With over 1,000 business, portfolio, and blog templates, there are options for every type of business. You can search for templates using keywords or filter them by category, language, style, or features to find what you need in just a few minutes.

In addition to the Webflow Template Marketplace, the Webflow Showcase contains many free community-developed cloneable websites. You can easily find these templates by clicking on the "Cloneable" button and selecting "Templates," or by searching for specific keywords. You can also sort by "Popular" or "Most Liked" to filter out poor-quality templates. 

If you're looking for just a piece of a design, such as a pricing table or form, the Flowbase Component Library is an excellent resource. You can search for Community Cloneables by category or tags and then clone them into your Webflow dashboard. From there, you can easily incorporate them into your existing projects and designs.

In some cases, you may choose a free template and supplement that template with free components that you find on Flowbase or other services. It’s a great way to customize designs to meet your requirements without hiring a separate designer/developer or taking the time to build out the interface elements on your own.

Of course, you can also find premium templates on both Webflow's Template Marketplace and Flowbase. In addition, ThemeForest and Creative Market provide premium templates that you can purchase and import into Webflow via Account Settings > Purchases. In the future, Webflow may add other marketplaces in this section, too.

Top 5 Free Webflow Templates

There are hundreds of free Webflow templates out there, and the right choice depends on your specific requirements, but there are a few standouts from a design standpoint.

#1. Best for Startups

Flowbase's Nero is an attractive homepage cloneable for startups, featuring dropdown menus, a blogging section, and interactive statistics.

#2. Best for Blogs

Flowbase's blog template also provides an excellent starting point for blog index pages and individual post pages. In particular, the template features a newsletter section, related content, and a sidebar.

#3. Best for SaaS

Taylerodea's Padooie is a sharp software-as-a-service template with a unique "features" carousel, an attractive pricing table, and an FAQ section. 

#4. Best for Ecommerce

Itsjohniie's MDLR eCommerce theme is a modern take on an eCommerce brand, featuring a homepage and product pages. Additionally, its typewriter font is perfect for lifestyle brands focused on simplicity.

#5. Best for Small Business

Webflow's Propel template is ideal for small businesses and provides CMS integration, business forms, and global swatches to simplify customization.

Adding Data to Design

Webflow makes it easy to create stunning designs (or borrow those from others), but data can be a pain to manage. While the built-in CMS tool supports blogging and eCommerce, many businesses prefer to manage data outside of their CMS and integrate with third-party tools that they may need for writers or fulfillment.

That's why many Webflow customers use Airtable as their backend. Airtable makes it easy for anyone to manage data and integrate it with any third-party tools. Some companies also use WordPress as a headless CMS for their blog since it's much easier to write content, upload images, and format HTML, among other things.

If you're using Airtable or WordPress, skip the headache of integrating them using Integromat or Zapier, and check out PowerImporter. Our fast and easy tool will automatically keep your Airtable or WordPress installation in sync with Webflow's CMS. Doing so means you won't have to deal with missed zaps or with importing historical data from scratch.

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The Bottom Line

Webflow templates and cloneables make it easy to get started with fresh inspiration. While premium templates provide the best quality, Webflow's vibrant community has thousands of free cloneables from which you can choose, clone to your dashboard, and customize. You can also check out tools like Flowbase for free drop-in components.