Latest changes to Airtable price plans

What Airtable changed to their price plans, and what it means for Airtable users.

Over 300,000 organisations of all sizes use Airtable to stayconnected and increase business impact – including 80% of the Fortune 100companies. This cloud-based project management software allows users to store,organise and collaborate on structured data in real-time, either for free orfor a fee – depending on their size and usage.

From teams building apps to collaborate on shared workflowsto departments that need advanced features and basic administration, someorganisations unlock additional functionality and services by opting for a paidAirtable plan. Beginning on 23 August 2023, Airtable has adjusted thesepackages to reflect the new products and features they have released over thepast few years.

According to Airtable: “…we’re updating our pricing modelto ensure customers have a flexible pricing and plan structure that grows withthem as they get more value from Airtable. We made these changes based onfeedback from our customers, data on how we see our customers using theplatform, and the value provided by new capabilities released over the past fewyears.”

Free plan

On 12 September 2023, Airtable began moving existing Freeplan users to the new version. Users will see changes to their limits take effectonce this process is completed.

The new Free plan offers a reduction in functionality acrossthe board. For example, the maximum number of users with commenter permissionshas been reduced from unlimited to 50 per workspace, and the number of APIcalls per workspace/per month has been reduced from unlimited to 1,000.

Pro plan

Now known as the Team plan, Pro workspaces will beautomatically migrated to the new plan from 18 September 2023. The Pro pricingstructure will remain in place for the Team plan: $20 per user per month(annual plan) and $24 per user per month (monthly plan).

Some changes will benefit users, such as extensions per baseincreasing from 10 to access to all extensions; while others will reducefunctionality, such as the number of API calls per workspace/per month decreasingfrom unlimited to 100,000.

Plus plan

The Plus plan is being ended. From 25 September 2023,Airtable will begin transitioning Plus workspaces to the new Team plan – and willautomatically apply a discount on the new plan. Plus users can access the Teamplan at the Plus pricing model ($10/user/month billed annually or$12/user/month billed monthly) provided they don’t make any changes to theirplan.

All changes when moving from the Plus plan to the new Teamplan offer users increased functionality – apart from one: the number of APIcalls per workspace/per month is reducing from unlimited to 100,000.

New plans

Airtable has introduced two new plans for organisations:

·        Business plan (for small businesses anddepartments) – $45 per user per month (annual plan) and $54 per user per month(monthly plan). Smaller organisations currently on the Enterprise plan maymigrate to the new Business plan with the help of the Airtable sales team. Nochanges will happen automatically.

·        Enterprise Scale plan (for large organisationsbuilding flexible and powerful apps that scale) – pricing is based on the sizeof the organisation.

It appears that Airtable has made these amendments to boos tits revenue in several ways: by stripping back the Free plan’s functionality toencourage more users to opt for paid services; and by creating the new Teamplan, which is more expensive than the now defunct Plus option.

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